Sarah Jaisser Green

I craft & deliver
human-centered technology.

about me

I am a product manager with a penchant for human-centered design and data-driven decision making. I am currently focused on crafting and delivering conversational healthcare solutions at LifeLink as a core member of our Product team.

At LifeLink, I design chatbot experiences using a human-centered approach that balances user research & testing, business requirements, customer input, and conversational design principles. I implement my designs using LifeLink’s proprietary, Javascript-based chatbot programming language. In addition, I am responsible for product management tasks including sprint planning, release management, backlog grooming, and QA.

I graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science & Business Management. My studies also included courses in math, literature, and sociology. Throughout my education I explored questions at the intersection of technology, ethics, society, and the arts.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, I am currently based in Oakland, CA. In my spare time I enjoy reading, yoga, and exploring the California coast.