Sarah Jaisser Green


Hello! Welcome to my personal website. I am a young tech professional based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I graduated in May 2016 from Columbia University with a BA in Computer Science & Business Management. I have experience in product management, software engineering, UI/UX design, and web development. I am passionate about working across the product lifecycle to bring innovative, delightful user experiences to life. I am thrilled to be joining the team at LifeLink Inc. as a Product Associate.

Please contact me via LinkedIn or email if you'd like to connect. Thanks!


Dynamic Profile Cards

This was my 2015 summer project as a Product Management & Design Intern at Lithium Technologies. I designed and scoped this new feature, which is a responsive UI component to preview user profiles on Lithium-powered sites.

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This is an open-source JavaScript library that allows AngularJS apps to interact with the API. provides rich media embedding services. I built this as part of my summer project as a Software Engineering Intern at Lithium Technologies in 2014.

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Flickr Findr

This is a web app I built for fun. Flickr Findr searches the Flickr database for images based on search parameters inputted by the user.

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This is another web app I built for fun. Commentator fetches comments from New York Times articles based on search parameters inputted by the user.

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This is a project I completed with a small group for COMS 4170: User Interface Design at Columbia University. BookBags uses the New York Times Book API and the Amazon Product API to allow the user to organize lists of books and receive curated recommendations.

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